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C945 NPN Transistor (Pack of 5)

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C945 NPN Transistor (Pack of 5)

A C945 transistor is a type of NPN bipolar junction transistor. Circuits where a low-current, high-speed transistor is required will employ a transistor such as C945 transistor. Circuits such as a small-signal amplifier or a high-speed switching circuit might employ one or more C945 transistors.

Features of C945 NPN Transistor:

  • Power dissipation=0.4W(Tamb=25°C).
  • Collecter current(Icm)=0.15A.
  • Collector-base voltage(Vcbo)=60V.
  • Operating and storage junction temp. range=-55 to 150°C.

Applications of C945 NPN Transistor:

  • DIY projects.
  • Electrical/Electronic mini or major projects.
  • Amplifier purposes.
  • Switching purposes.

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