Electronic Continuity Tester

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Electronic Continuity Tester

This is a light weight continuity tester designed to check the connectivity between two points in a PCB.

Features of Electronic Continuity Tester:

  • Economical cell-Consumption.
  • Continuity check of House Hold & Industrial Equipments.
  • Can test Diode for open short.
  • Can test transistor for open/short & PNP/NPN.
  • Useful at indoor & outdoor work.
  • Very versatile & Handy to
  • T.V. Aerials open/short tests.
  • Transformers, coils can be tested for open or short.
  • Telephone line can be checked.
  • Automobile wiring can also test.

Applications of Electronic Continuity Tester:

  • Used to test continuity of any circuit.
  • Used to test continuity of DIY projects.
  • Used to test continuity of electrical/electronic projects.

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