Fingerprint Module

Fingerprint Module

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We are with two fingerprint module that caters a clear picture of particular thumb impression and also used in labs for many purposes. Its huge demand helps in gaining information at certain level about particular person in respective cases.

Two fingerprint modules are discussed here. First one is the fingerprint sensor module helps in storing the finger print data and can configure later. Its feature is only possible by using microcontroller and interfaced and operated at 3 to 5v.Fingerprint reader conducts secondary development and can be assembled in many products. It has low power consumption additionally its size is small and experience accurate manufacturing techniques.

The second fingerprint module is speed and voice recognition module. In this, voice is recorded to maximum 15 commands and is detected at the time when required. It takes little voltage 4.5 to 5.5 and has a limited small size. Its current measured at greater than 40Ma.

These characteristics make it reliable and appropriate for better working of module. Fingerprint device like scanners are also very precise and calculated at a very fast pace. Its accuracy is recorded correctly and efficiently.

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