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FlexiForce A101 Sensor

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FlexiForce A101 Sensor


The A101 is our smallest sensor optimized for high volume manufacturing and ideal for embedding into products. The 2-pin sensors are currently our smallest standard sensor.

The sensors can measure up to 10 lbs. The dynamic range of this mini force sensor can be modified by changing the drive voltage and adjusting the resistance of the feedback resistor


Typical Performance

Linearity (Error): < ±3% of Full Scale (Line drawn from 0 to 50% load)

Repeatability: < ±2.5% (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)

Hysteresis: < 4.5 % of Full Scale (Conditioned Sensor, 80% of Full Force Applied)

Drift: <5% / logarithmic time (Constant Load of 25 lb (111 N))

Response Time: < 5 µsec (Time required for the sensor to respond to an input force; Impact load - recorded on Oscilloscope)

Operating Temperature: -40°C - 60°C (-40°F - 140°F)*

* Force reading change per degree of temperature change = 0.36%/ºC (±0.2%/ºF)



Force Sensor Length: 15.7 mm

Sensing Size (Diameter/Width): 3.8 mm

Standard Force: 18 N

 44 N

Temperature Range (Low): -40 °C

Temperature Range (High): 60 °C

Notes: Smallest sensor ideal for integrating into OEM applications.


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