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Gripper Module

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Gripper Module

The Gripper module is state of the art robotic arm designed indigenously by Robomart. It can be used in various ‘pick and place’ kind of robots. It works on DC Motor (9 to 12V DC). Change in rotation direction of the DC Motor, generates Jaw Open & Close Action. The DC motor can be easily be controlled with the help of DPDT Switch (manual mode) or with the help of any microcontroller along with L293D Motor Driver module. Give an extra functionality to your robots by adding a fully functional Robot gripper to them..

Gripper Module

Features of Gripper Module:

  • Gripper assembly Plates.
  • 2x (Fiber Grippers).
  • 1x (45 RPM DC Metal Geared Motor).
  • 1x (Worm Gear).
  • 2x (Spur Gear).

Applications of Gripper Module:

  • DIY projects requiring Robot Arm Gripper.
  • Pick and Place Robot.

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