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IoT Arduino Temperature and Humidity Probe Shield

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IoT Arduino Temperature and Humidity Probe Shield

Temperature and Humidity (T&H) remain top on the list for DIY Maker projects' sensing needs, many T&H sensors are constructed from thermistor / low priced capacitive humidity sensor are not accurate for serious projects.

This Temperature and Humidity Probe Shield offers a nice design T&H probe and shield made from IC sensor, the measurement range would satisfy different needs of DIY and product design requirements.


·                     Nice design Temperature and Humidity Probes for different project needs

·                     Arduino shield for up to maximum 4 T&H probes (Additional probes optional)

·                     Board Dimension 54 X 70mm

·                    0.96 inch OLED Display Module (128 X 64)

·                    3 User defined Keys

·                     IC form T&H sensor – with plastic probe case :

·                    Sensor IC :

·                   Temperature Range (-40 to +125 C) *

·                    Humidity Range : 0 to 100 % RH

·                   Temperature accuracy +/- 0.3 C typ. (@ 25 C)

·                   Humidity accuracy +/- 2% RH typ. (@ 25 C) 


         Intelligent phone

        Outdoor equipment

         Sports shoes

         Pets health care

         Dairy exercise monitor



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