IR And PIR Sensors

IR And PIR Sensors

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In robotics, IR sensors help in detecting distance, object and color and in tracking. IR hits a particular object and is reflected back which is easily captured in IR and calculates the voltage according to the light received.

IR transmitter and receiver, we have are of 3mm in size and work on 940nm wavelength. We also deal with IR based analog pair sensor pair which has a transmitter and receiver that used infrared light for detection in the range of 760 nm wavelength. It helps in detecting edge and obstacle. These sensors also follow black line and white line and can sense colors and multicolor.

Besides this, we deal with PIR sensor. PIR sensor stands for passive infrared sensors that help in detecting moving body. PIR sensors are cheap as they only are easily fitted in a chip. We have a product under PIR – PIR motion detection sensor HC-SR501.

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