16x1 Character LCD Display16x2 Character LCD Display16x4 Character LCD Display1.8 inch TFT touch LCD Module128X64 Graphical Blue LCD DisplayWorldtech Stand TV and Monitor 7"128X64 Graphical Green LCD Display

LCD display devices outcomes in form of text, videos, and images or in numerical values. Module comprise of 7 segment display and matrix display which is further interfaced to microcontrollers and further to computers and with USB.

After completion of LCD parts, microcontroller is programmed which accordingly display the output in LCD. We have many LCD products in our store which includes 16x2 LCD display, 20x4 character LCD display, 128x64 graphical blue LCD display and Worldtech stand TV and monitor display. LCD kits are easily available at our stores that can easily be grabbed at any time with reasonable charges.

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