LiPo Battery

LiPo Battery

LIPO battery named as lithium polymer is widely used in the field of electronics especially in helicopters, planes and especially in projects who deal with quadcopter and multicopter. Besides planes, it’s often seen in mobiles, media players and vehicles. Its colossal benefits and quality make it a brand for other batteries.

Lithium ion battery is the perfect choice for all concerning electrical devices. The reason behind this is that, it contains light weight and can be bend to any shape and size. So in planes balance is maintained easily. Second reason of using this is that is contains a high power capacity which results the device in more working stage. So it can use run for more time using less few cells. Finally it has high discharging power ratio to run motors.  

 It can also be seen in laptops, computers and notebooks which actively work for longer time. We cater all kind of lipo batteries covering its various storage capacities of 3 cell, 4 cell and advanced lipo battery. Buy online lipo battery in India exposes reasonable charges and types. Moreover prices at our stores are comparably low to others maintaining same quality standard.

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