Linear Series

Linear Series

Have you studied or thinking of purchasing IC for project. We have a massive collection of linear integrated circuits that would help in your project formation as per your requirement. Quality is given the first preference in Robomart and we include various linear IC’s such as comparator IC, encoder decoder storage IC, line bus driver IC, linear voltage regulator, operational IC and timer IC.

A linear integrated circuit is defined as solid-state analog device describe by a theoretically infinite number of possible operating states and operates over a continuous range of input levels. The amplification curve of a linear IC is a straight line when a certain input range is given. The input and output voltages are directly proportional. Operational amplifier is the best renowned linear integrated circuit which consists of resistors, diodes and transistors in a conventional analog circuit.

There exist two inputs inverting and non- inverting from which, when signal applied to the inverting input results in opposite signal phase at the output. A signal applied to the non-inverting input produces a signal of identical phase at the output. A connection, through a variable resistance , between the output and the inverting input is used to control the amplification factor.

Linear ICs are employed in audio amplifiers, A/D (analog-to-digital) converters, averaging amplifiers, differentiators, DC (direct-current) amplifiers, integrators, multivibrators, oscillators, audio filters, and sweep generators. Linear ICs are available in most large electronics stores. Some devices contain several amplifiers within a single housing.

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