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Multi Purpose PCB Board ( 12 x 18 ) c.m.

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Multi Purpose PCB Board ( 12 x 18 ) c.m.

This is a multipurpose PCB or we can say that Vero board or zero size PCB is a copper clad laminated board used in various electronic fields for circuit designing and testing.

Features of Multi Purpose PCB Board(12cmX18cm):

  • 2.75mm pitch length.
  • 4 corner mounting holes.
  • Round solder pads on bottom.
  • Rows and columns printed on top.
  • Can be cut to fit your project (Wear safety glasses).
  • Use in multipurpose circuit.
  • Easy Implementation.

Applications of Multi Purpose PCB Board(12cmX18cm):

  • The pcb is used in various project designing and testing.
  • Electrical/electronic projects.
  • AVR/Arduino/Raspberry-pi projects.
  • Robotics projects.

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