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NTSC/PAL (Television) TFT Display - 3.5" Diagonal

15-20 Days
Product Code: RM3283

15-20 Days


NTSC/PAL (Television) TFT Display - 3.5" Diagonal

  • Yes, this is an adorable small television! The visible display measures only 3.5" (8.9cm) diagonal, the TFT comes with a NTSC/PAL driver board. The display is very easy to use - simply connect 6-15VDC to the red (+) and black (-) wires, then connect a composite video source to the RCA connectors. Voila, a television display! There's three little buttons that let you enter a menu system for adjusting brightness, color and contrast. The cable has two composite plugs, AV1 and AV2. AV1 is the default and if AV2 goes 'live' it replaces AV1. Be sure to try both RCA inputs if one doesn't show up at first.

    To demonstrate it, we took some photos with the display connected to a Raspberry Pi, but it will also work connected to any analog composite-video output such as a YBox or Propeller w/Video out. It will not work with a device that only outputs VGA, HDMI or any other digital video signal.

    Please note, these miniature displays are very delicate and require care to avoid ripping the delicate flex connector. These are best used by electronics geeks who have experience and are comfortable working with delicate electronic components. WE CANNOT REPLACE DAMAGED DISPLAYS if you are not careful and rip the flex connector!


    • Power with 6-12VDC only into onboard buck converter
    • 150mA power draw at 12V, 350mA at 6V
    • Control board measures 70mm x 52mm x 11.15mm
    • Visible display dimensions: 70.08mm horizontal x 52.56mm vertical
    • Resolution: 320 RGB wide x 240 high
    • Dot pitch: 0.219 mm wide x 0.219 mm high
    • Display metal case dimensions: 76.9mm x 63.9mm x 3.3mm
    • The display weighs 48 grams.

    We have the raw CLAA035QVA01 Display Datasheet which can tell you more about the display itself (but not the control board)


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