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Fuse is referred as a type of low resistance resistor which provides protection from overcurrent, short circuits, mismatched loads and failure of device. Fuses have metal wire or strip which may melt at the time of excessive current flowing through the circuit. Fuses are very essential part in domestic life and infrastructure in case of excessive current. When current pass through so many wires, overcurrent may results in short circuit. Thus prevent any damage to human life or property, its better to use fuse and keep awareness of any accidental circumstances.
In electronics and electrical community, fuses are manufactured in various capacities. They play an important role in electronics, especially in projects and models which helps in gaining more information related to fuse and its various types. Types of fuse may include Blade fuses, Glass tube or Bosch type, Fusible links and Fuse limiters. Blade fuses were introduced in 1976 and it has further few types such as mini fuse, low profile mini fuse, ATO regular fuse, micro2 fuse, micro3 fuse and maxi fuse for massive capacity devices.

There are other types of fuses such as resettable fuses and thermal fuses. Resettable fuses use a polymeric positive temperature coefficient thermistor that obstructs the circuit during an overcurrent condition. These fuses are used in aerospace or nuclear applications. Besides this, thermal fuses are used in many domestic appliances such as hair dryers, coffee makers and transformers which are used for consumer electronic devices. Users can gain more information regarding fuses through various websites that help you out it preparing projects or in particular electronics or electrical business.

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