Other Sensors

Other Sensors

Peltier PlateSoil Moisture SensorWater Detector Sensor ModulePiN PHOTODIODEECG Sensor ModuleE-health sensor shieldFlame Sensor with BreakoutHall Effect SensorSound Sensor3d Printer Electronics KitDigital Touch Sensor

We also indulge our self in many sensors and have gathered many modules which are easily available at stores with no difficulty.

Products we have are thumb job stick, grove ear clip heart rate sensor, grove G1/2’’water flow sensor enclosure, grove moisture sensor, grove MOSFET, grove touch sensor, grove water and rainfall sensor, sound sensor, soil moisture sensor, pressure sensor and laser sensor. We also have line sensors which detect only line which is being followed by robots.

Robot follows this line as they can easily sense a commanded instruction. White or black line is being sensed and followed respectively. Line sensor arrays infrared LED and a photo transistor. Infrared ray is being fed on the track and photo transistor receiver works for reflecting back. It follows a line accordingly and manages the detection thoroughly.

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