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Pi Top - A Laptop Kit for Raspberry Pi B+ / Pi 2 / Pi 3

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Pi Top - A Laptop Kit for Raspberry Pi B+ / Pi 2 / Pi 3

  • The Raspberry Pi open source laptop that you've been waiting for has arrived with the Pi-Top! With this kit you can build your very own "laptop" which at it's core runs off of the famousRaspberry Pi.

    The 3D printed laptop case comes with a screen, base top, base bottom, and the Pi-Top Hub PCB to take care of power management, the screen driver, and more for you. Raspberry Pi not included! A Raspberry Pi 3 is the best Pi to match up with this laptop kit.

    The mission of Pi-Top is to take users from a beginner level to an advanced level of programming, design, and comfort. Let's get computing!

    What's in the box?

    • Screen - Connect the screen by simply slotting the metal hinge into the base bottom piece. A single cable is plugged into the Pi-Top Hub and away you go!
    • Base Top - Attach and remove the base top piece by sliding it over the base bottom and pressing down. You will hear a satisfying 'click' when you have popped it into place.
    • Base Bottom - The base bottom contains the battery and modular rail where you will pop in the Hub and Raspberry Pi 2. No wires or tools are required, like a lego laptop you snap everything into place. The Pi-Top smart battery pack is protected by a sheet of brushed stainless steel, so you can be sure your battery is securely in place.
    • Hub - With over 150 components on this circuit board, the Pi-Top Hub PCB takes care of power management, our screen driver and a host of other functionality which allows us to turn the Raspberry Pi into a great open source laptop.
    • 1x - 8GB SD Card with Pi-Top OS
    • Cables connecting Pi-Top pieces
    • Charger
    • Instruction Booklet

    Note! Raspberry Pi is not included but we have the compatible B+Pi 2, and Pi 3 in the store! Pi 3 is best since it has built in WiFi


    • Screen Details:
      • 13.3” HD LCD screen with eDP interface
      • 1366x768 resolution
      • Colour active matrix TFT LCD module with anti-glare finish
      • 3W power consumption
      • PWM screen dim control (available on PCB rail)
      • 60Hz refresh rate
      • 262K colours
      • eDP 1.2 interface
    • Base Top:
      • Keyboard
      • Fully reprogrammable via USB
      • Any character can be put on any key position, to suit user’s exact preferences
      • UK and US vinyl layouts available
      • 2.2mm operating distance
      • 28 pin FPC cable
      • Trackpad
      • PalmCheck feature helps prevents unwanted mouse clicks
      • PS/2 interface
      • 1N mouse click operating force
      • 8 pin FPC cable
    • Base Bottom:
      • Smart Battery Pack
      • Two–wire SMBus v2.0 interface
      • JEITA recommended charge profile
      • Over–current, over–voltage, over–temperature and short–circuit protection
      • Charge balancing for extenxed lifetime
      • 51.8 Watt–hour capacity
      • 10–12 hours run time
    • Hub:
      • Power management
      • Screen driver (HDMI to eDP conversion)
      • Battery LED indicators
      • 18V. 3A input
      • 5V. 3.5A output
      • 3.3V 500mA output
      • Persistent 3.3V output (available even when powered off)
      • PCB rail specification pinout connects UART, I2C and SPI to Raspberry Pi for use with add-on boards.
    • Dimensions (assembled): 342mm x 211mm x 45mm / 13.5" x 8.3" x 1.8"


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