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Piezo Buzzer (B 20N)

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Piezo Buzzer (B 20N)

Piezo buzzer is an electronic device commonly used to produce sound. Light weight, simple construction and low price make it usable in various applications like car/truck reversing indicator, computers, call bells etc.

Features of Piezo Buzzer (B 20N):

  • High-performance buzzers that employunimorph piezoelectric elements and are designed for easyIncorporation into various circuits.
  • Low power consumption in comparison toElectromagnetic units.
  • The lead wire type(PS1550L40N) with both-sided adhesive tape
  • Installed easily.

Applications of Piezo Buzzer (B 20N):

  • Electric ranges, washing machines, computer terminals, various devices that require speech synthesis output.
  • DIY projects.
  • Arduino projects.
  • Raspberry-Pi projects.
  • Electrical/Electronic projects.
  • Robotic projects.

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