Piezo Electric Buzzers

Piezo Electric Buzzers

In electronic industry, electronic components cover a wide area and used in various machines, devices and projects. Today we are writing on piezoelectric buzzers such as digital buzzer module, piezoelectric buzzer and grove buzzer module. A piezoelectric buzzer is defined as electronic devices used to produce audio signal i.e. sound. They are light weighted and compact. They are compatible to many devices and cost very low. Its massive applications can be seen in alarm devices, timers, cars, trucks, computers, mobile phones and many more.
Buzzer applications can be seen in variety of fields including educational purposes, electronic metronomes, microwave ovens, household appliances, electrical alarms, sporting events, electrical alarms, joy buzzer, annunciator panels and game show lock out device.
Buzzers are easily embedded into the PCB. Buzzer has two wires red and black, in which black denotes ground. To produce sound, oscillating voltage is applied. Buzzer has a case composed of plastic in which piezo disc produces sound. It can be only taken out of its case when used as sensor.
To connect buzzer, additional leads are connected and embedded on the breadboard for testing. Interfacing with the arduino is easily possible by connecting the buzzer pins with it. Piezo electric buzzer material is of ceramic class which makes the disc and further produces sound. When an ac current is passed, frequency varies and thus produces sound. This is the simple phenomena which is used and explained in detail.

Users can buy online piezoelectric buzzer in India from any store at reasonable charges. Few products like piezoelectric buzzer arduino, Digital Buzzer Module, Piezo Buzzer, Grove Buzzer are few piezoelectric buzzers that are easily available at stores for users.

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