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Power Bank - 16,000mAh 5V 2A USB Portable Power Supply

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Power Bank - 16,000mAh 5V 2A USB Portable Power Supply

Our new updated 16,000mAh power bank from Robomart is the most powerful portable solution for keeping your Raspberry Pi powered anywhere! Boasting a massive 16,000mAh power capacity and dual 5V 2A output USB ports, this portable charger has enough juice to keep your Raspberry Pi's powered for extended hacking periods. We tested a single Raspberry Pi 2 Model B running 1080p Stargate-SG1 via OpenELEC, and it lasted for over 28 hours! You can view a timelapse video of the Raspberry PI power bank test here.
This power bank also features dual USB ports (one 5V @ 2.1A, and one 5V @ 2.4A), so you can power two Raspberry Pi's at the same time! It's also compatible with almost any USB device, and has enough juice to fully charge a smart phone more than 6 times over, or provide hours of additional usage for tablets, mp3 players, eBook readers & many more.  
Our power bank includes a USB to micro USB cable, a bright blue digital power indicator (so you can tell when the power will run out), and an ultra bright white LED torch!
16,000mAh Power Bank Features:
  • Dual USB Outputs
    • 5V 2.1A
    • 5V 2.4A
  • Input Charging 5V 2A
  • Huge 16000mAh (59.2Wh) Capacity
  • Smooth Black & Silver Finish
  • Blue Charge Remaining Status LEDs
  • Built in Ultra Bright White LED Torch
  • Ultra reliable A+ Lithium-Ion Battery with over 500 Battery Charge-cycles
  • Short-circuit protection - Automatic shutdown if a short circuit detected
  • Over-current protection - Automatic shutdown if a over current detected


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