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  1. Robosapiens iBOT Mini V 3.0

    SKU : RM0002
    IN STOCK (90)
    1,999.00 1,499.00

    Robosapiens IBOT Mini V 3.0 is a Simple line follower kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature..

  2. Sound Operated Robot Using Arduino Uno

    SKU : RM1096
    IN STOCK (9)
    3,500.00 1,599.00

    This is a sound operated robot using arduino Uno board which very ease for arduino learner those are..

  3. 4 Channel 12V Relay Module

    SKU : RM1039
    IN STOCK (48)
    250.00 180.00

    The board has one relay which works on 12V but the input signal can come directly from microcontroll..

  4. Atmega 8 based Bluetooth (HC 05) Controlled Robot

    SKU : RM1089
    IN STOCK (21)
    3,500.00 1,750.00

    The Atmega8 Based Bluetooth (HC-05) Controlled Robot is a multipurpose robotics kit. It's multipurpo..

  5. AVR Multi Controller Programming Board with AVR Programmer for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

    SKU : RM1050
    Out Of Stock
    470.00 299.00

    This is a combo of AVR multi programming board with AVR programmer which is easy to burn the program..

  6. Light Searching Sensor for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

    SKU : RM0012
    IN STOCK (179)
    199.00 125.00

    This is a light based Digital Proximity sensor. These sensors can be used to sense light in a region..

  7. MG995 55g servos Digital Metal Gear RC Car Robot Servo Motor for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

    SKU : RM1276
    IN STOCK (24)
    325.00 325.00

    Specification:Weight: 55gRotation: 180 degreeDimension: 40.7×19.7×42.9mmStall torque: 9.4kg/cm (4.8v..

  8. Project Starter Kit For Arduino UNO R3 Mega 2560

    SKU : RM1163
    IN STOCK (9)
    1,999.00 1,299.00

    Arduino UNO Starter kit is designed to get you started quickly and easily on your path of learning e..

  9. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B 64Bit Quad Core with WiFi and Bluetooth

    SKU : RM2948
    Out Of Stock
    3,499.00 2,699.00

    Raspberry pi 3 model B is the major 3rd generation development board. It’s with new exciting attachm..

  10. Robomart ARDUINO Board (ATMEGA 8A)

    SKU : RM1115
    IN STOCK (41)
    899.00 450.00

    This arduino board is designed by Robosapiens for arduino followers those who want to be expert in A..

  11. Robosapiens ATMEGA8 IBOT

    SKU : RM0105
    IN STOCK (1)
    2,500.00 2,100.00

    Atmega8 IBOT is a multipurpose robotics kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature helps in ..

  12. TSOP IR Obstacle Sensor V2 for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

    SKU : RM0028
    Out Of Stock
    180.00 150.00

    TSOP IR Obstacle Sensor V2 consists of a TSOP as a receiver and IR LED as a transmitter. TSOP as a..

  13. Waveshare Adapter Board for Arduino and Raspberry Pi

    SKU : RM1356
    IN STOCK (3)
    2,580.00 1,999.00

    ARPI600 is a Raspberry Pi Expansion Board, it simply adapts the Raspberry Pi GPIO interface to Ardui..

  14. 4 Wheel Robotic Platform V2.0 for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics (4x4 Drive)

    SKU : RM0815
    IN STOCK (18)
    999.00 950.00

    The 4 Wheel Robotic Platform V2.0 have contain four DC Metal Geared motor, 4 white Double Screw Mou..

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