7 Segment Led Display Common Cathode8 x 8 Dot Matrix Led DisplayDouble Digit Common CathodeLED Dot Matrix ModulePhotodiode4 Bit LED Display8 Bit LED Display, 8x8 Led Matrix, raspberry pi display module

LED stands for light emitting diode which contains high frequency. Its main working occurs when electrons are passed in a circuit, it emits light. In robotics, it mainly detects the digital number whether related to speed, velocity, acceleration, light and many more.

We deal with 4 digits 7 segment display board in which numbers can be easily displayed using this circuit. We add a led next to it to judge any output whether numerically or physical working condition. We also comprise LED matrix and dot matrix for functioning in the proper ratio of numerical value in any order as programmed. Its structure in any board looks enticed and grabs attention consequently. Our products in stores include Grove 4 digit display, photo diode 3mm, photo diode 5mm, 7 segment display using common anode and 7 segment displays using the common anode.

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