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Robomart Leonardo R3-5v Servo Motor Starter Kit with Basic Arduino Project

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Robomart Leonardo R3-5v Servo Motor Starter Kit with Basic Arduino Project


This is a great kit which is easy for Arduino fans and starters to plug and play;
This kit includes a Robomart Nano V3 and most common and useful electronic components;
This is also for users and geeks who have sparkling ideas.

The kit has more than 16 projects for the beginners. This is the new Robomart MEGA2560 R3 Starter Kit, developed specially for those beginners who are interested in Arduino.  You will have a complete set of Arduino's most common and useful electronic components. What's more. We will offer you a detailed tutorials including project introduction and their source codes.You may learn about Arduino through using these basic projects. This kit will help you control the physical world with sensors.


*the latest Robomart Leonardo R3 development board
*the most common and useful electronic components
*the detailded tutorials with 18 basic projects
*the complete Arduino project source code


1x Arduino Leonardo

1x Prototype Shield

1x SG90 Mini Servo Motor

1x 1602 LCD

1x USB Cable

2x Buzzer

1x 8*8 Led Dot Matrix

1x LM35 Temperature Sensor

1x 74HC595

1x Infrared Remote Control

1x Tshop

3x Small LDR

1x Potentiometer

2x Tilt Sensor

4x Tactile Switch

1x Single Digit Common Cathode Seven Segment Led Display

1x Black IR LED

1x Cell Box


Breadboard & Jumper Wires




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