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Robosapiens E BOT Mini V 1.0

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Robosapiens E BOT Mini V 1.0

Robosapiens E BOT Mini is a line Follower robotics kit. It's multipurpose and very durable nature helps in acquiring startup knowledge of robotics. Using the robot we can design a control system which is mechanical in nature and is controlled merely by some basic electronic devices like transistors and inverting buffer.

Board can work on 7V to 15V DC supply. The Kit is easy to assemble and does not require any programming or circuit assembling skills. With all the supplied accessories the Robot can be assembled and running within no time.

Images of Robosapiens E BOT Mini V 1.0.

Robosapiens E BOT Mini V 1.0

Kit Content of Robosapiens E BOT Mini V 1.0

  • 1x (Transistor based Dual H-Bridge Motor Driver) .
  • 1x (High Quality Plastic Chassis Board).
  • 1x (Screw driver).
  • 2x (IR Based Digital Sensors).
  • 2x (Caster Bullets).
  • 4x (Support Studs).
  • 1 Pair wheels 76mm Diameter .
  • 1 Pair D.C gear motors (BO2-150RPM)
  • Other required Tools and accessories etc.
  • All necessary Connecting cables.
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