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Robosapiens IR Wireless Remote Control Kit

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Robosapiens IR Wireless Remote Control Kit

IR Wireless Remote Control Kit is an addressable wireless robot. The communication between the transmitter and receiver can only be done when the 8 Bit address matches. The Robot can be used with combination of a simple microcontroller based embedded system to generate 24number of inputs for different wireless purposes.Wireless IBOT mini works on IR mode. The control circuit used for the board is versatile enough to incorporate different types of Input like Encoded IR signals, RF Encoded Signals and DTMF Signal via Stereo pin. The control circuit consists of a Transmitter module and Receiver module. The transmitter module Transmits addressable Encoded IR or RF signal to the receiver. At the transmitter end the 4 bit of data is converted or encoded into serial data that contains data and address bits. Then the encoded serial data is transmitted using IR or RF.The receiver then receives the Encoded Signal. The received signal is decoded and address is matched to the address of receiver and data is given out at the Dout pins. The receiver circuit consists of a receiver which can be TSOP of RF. The receiver comes with in-built L293D Motor Driver circuit for running 2 DC motors or one Stepper Motor. On board we have DTMF decoder IC add-on Shield for interfacing DTMF decoder IC module. The Board also provides facility to interface 2 digital sensors. The Robot itself contains two IR based Digital Proximity sensor.

Kit Content Robosapiens IR Wireless Remote Control Kit

  • 1x (4 Channel IR Receiver Robotic Board V2).
  • 1x (4 Channel IR Transmitter Robotic Board V2).
  • 1x (Screw driver).
  • 1x (High Quality Plastic Chassis Board).
  • 2x (IR Based Digital Sensors).
  • 2x (Caster Bullet).
  • 4x (Support Studs).
  • 1 Pair wheel 70mm Diameter.
  • 1 Pair D.C gear motors (BO2-150RPM)

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