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Small Chassis for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

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Small Chassis for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

Chassis Board is the mechanical frame structure of the mobile robots. It should is the backbone of the robot. We arrange/connect everything like motors, sensors, wheels, development board, studs, clamps , screws, etc. of the robot to it.
It give us the base to build our robot and allow us place our components according to our requirements.

Material of the Chassis:

The material of chassis should be:-
· High  durable
· High non- flexible
· More strength
· Light weight
· Has potential safety hazards
· Can be re shape easily
· Resistant to corrosion
· Compression and depression
· Highly rigid
Features of chassis:

· Single type of screw should be compatible
· Motor Clamp should be present                                                   
· There should be enough space between the chassis and the wheel for proper movement of the wheel
· This Chassis board can be used for two  motor based robot
· This chassis can be used to build for mobile robots
· This chassis can have one rotary castor wheel for balancing the robot so that it is not tilted to one side of it.
· This chassis can be used along with the Robosapiens Development board

o AT Mega-8 Robotics Mini Development Board V 3.0
o AT Mega-8 Robotics Mini Development Board V 2.0
o ATmega-16/32 Robotics Development Board V 3.0
o ATmega-16/32 Robotics Mini Development Board V 2.0
o ATmega8 Robotic Development Board V1.0
o AVR Controller Board
o Atmega-16/32 Project Development Board
o Atmega-16/32 Robotics Development Board v 1.0
o Atmega-16/32 Robotics mini  Development Board V 1.0
o Atmega8  Project Development Board
o Atmega8 mini Robotics Development Board V1.0
o Atmega8 mini Robotics Development Board V4.0
o X-BEE Trainer Board With ATmega16/32
o 8051 Development Board
o AT89sXX Development Board With LCD Interfacing
o Arduino Mega 2560                    
o  Arduino Uno       


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