Robot Stud & Spacer

Robot Stud & Spacer
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If you are planning to prepare your own project and you need few fasteners and parts for its assembly. We have all electronics tools and fasteners such as Wheel Spacer, Plastic spacer, brass spacer and various plastic studs.
Stud and spacers are the fasteners used for the assembly and formation of robots. They are particularly made to hold the board assembly on chassis, automotive components assembly and electrical system assembly. Studs are particularly made of plastic and their length is around 20mm. They are used in circuitry, especially to keep the components safe and more boards can be connected further to keep the hardware compact.
Spacer’s composition consists of plastic and brass which too supports in formation of projects. Nylon spacers are beneficial for utilizing because they are cost effective and best replacement for metal nylon spacers. Beside this, nylon spacers are light in weight plus rust is never formed as it’s not metal. They absorb shock and vibration well.
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