MechanzO, iMechanzo kits, Mechanzo 9+, Mechanzo 6+, Mechanzo 12+, Buy Mechanzo and iMechano, Mechanzo and iMechano Price in India are few products that we have highlighted for your convenience. We too have additional products that can also be easily catered from our Robomart website. Purchasing can be done online or directly in bulk or any particular product or kit.
MechanzO is especially applicable for the study of robotics. They cover all robotic parts and accessories which are assembled and prepared manually. For the project formation of robots all parts are easily available and users can search for the product in the galleries on various websites. Mechanzo is a robotic kit that covers all parts and accessories in a single kit. Robot parts and accessories comprise of gear mechanzo, hook, wheel clamp for multipurpose chassis plate for iMechanzo, shaft lock, BO motor clamp, axle lock and many more.
These parts assembled can be purchased for preparing robots for entertainment purposes such as games, music, etc. Purpose of preparing Mechanzo 6+ was for children above 6 years, who can prepare remote control devices. Mechanzo 12+ was for children with age of 12+ who could prepare autonomous robots with sensors, designs and programming. Prices in India for mechanzo kits have reduced a lot and every user could easily purchase online even those residing in remote locations.

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