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RPi B+/2 Camera Module Prototyping Board

15-20 Days
Product Code: RM3190

15-20 Days


RPi B+/2 Camera Module Prototyping Board

The ProtoCam+ is a Raspberry Pi add-on prototyping board with a mounting section for your Raspberry Pi Camera Module (not included), that fits the A+, B+ and Pi2.

Mounting your Raspberry Pi Camera Module inside the ProtoCam+ prototyping board allows you to make new and exciting Pi camera projects.

The camera is surrounded by a prototyping area set out in ‘breadboard style’ lanes of pads, making it easy to add components such as LEDs, segment displays, resistors, sensors, ICs and much more.

The GPIO is broken out into an identical section for use in your prototypes, along with twin power breakout sections.

The board is the same size as the Raspberry Pi (Model A+/B+/Pi2) making a neat and tidy Camera mount and prototyping solution.

A shorter, firmer custom camera belt is included. This high quality belt holds the fold well, and the shorter length fits well under the board.

Ideas for projects with the ProtoCam+ include:

  • A custom LED flash
  • Infra-red LED night photography
  • A movement sensor camera using a PIR sensor
  • A PiCamera project
  • CCTV Pi security
  • Timelapse projects with buttons/displays
  • and much more!


  • Mounting holes for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module
  • Large prototyping area around the camera module mount for adding components
  • Shorter, thicker replacement camera belt
  • Extra-tall 40-pin header - allows space for the included shorter camera belt
  • GPIO mirrored break-out section for connecting the Pi to your prototype
  • 2x power breakouts (1x 3.3V, 1x 5V)
  • Support screw to add stability to the board
  • Same size as the Raspberry Pi (Model A+, B+ and Pi2)


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