Schottky Barrier Diodes

Schottky Barrier Diodes

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Today our article is on schottky barrier diodes along with its composition and advantages in electronic field. They are widely spread in many devices and were introduced in the olden days. It's widely used for radio frequency applications and power applications. Schottky barrier diode is also called as surface barrier diode, hot carrier diode or hot electron diode.
Its applications include:

  1. Schottky barrier diode is used in radio frequency applications which provide high switching speed and high frequency capability.
  2. In power applications, schottky barrier diode is used as power rectifiers. Less power is consumed which increases the efficiency.
  3. Used in power OR circuits.
  4. In solar cells applications, a schottky diode is used in series with the solar cell. A low voltage diode increases its efficiency.
  5. It is also used as a clamp diode in a transistor circuit for the operation when used as a switch.

Schottky barrier diode has a low turn on voltage, low junction capacitance and fast recovery time as its advantages.

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