Screw Drivers, Pliers and Nipper

Screw Drivers, Pliers and Nipper

In electronics, tool kit is very necessary for perfect lean work. Parts and accessories are equally essential to the tools set.

You can easily buy electric screw drivers set, cutting pliers and nipper online in India and all other parts with no difficulty. There is a huge availability of tool kit in technical stream as well as for those who like to try hands on projects manually. 

Our customers would be pleased to know that we are with the best kits which could be done without taking help of others. We have best robotic parts accessories and tools kits at affordable prices. Moreover we too provide discounts, at times. It’s a great deal so grab opportunity and reach our nearest store. 

Types of screw drivers and nipper tools we cater screw driver small medium and big, Taparia screw driver, magnetic screw driver, EGO nipper and multiple nipper.

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  • SKU : RM0479
    IN STOCK (40)

    This combo tool set is having 41 pieces of tools used in multiple applications for assembling or d..

  • SKU : RM1002
    IN STOCK (99)

    The Allen Key Set - 9 Piece is exactly what you need. With ten varying diameters, loose screws and n..

  • SKU : RM0495
    IN STOCK (80)

    A wire stripper is a small, hand-held device used to strip the electrical insulation from electric..

  • SKU : RM1021
    IN STOCK (20)

    The 8600 series screwdriver made from high quality chrome vanadium steel, soft gum handle, nice hand..

  • SKU : RM0364
    IN STOCK (22)

    A screwdriver is a hand-tool for turning screws. A typical screwdriver comprises: an approximately c..

  • SKU : RM0724
    IN STOCK (40)

    screwdriver comprises: an approximately cylindrical handle of a size and shape to be held by a hum..

  • SKU : RM1025
    IN STOCK (4)

    This type of blade is made from high grade Silicon - Manganese steel which no other maker uses. This..

  • SKU : RM0796
    IN STOCK (97)


  • SKU : RM1030
    Out Of Stock

    If you want to bend, re-position or cut wires for creating a piece of art, jewelers designing or for..

  • SKU : RM0352
    IN STOCK (495)

    A wire stripper is a small, hand-held device used to strip the electrical insulation from electric w..

  • SKU : RM1031
    Out Of Stock

    The Pliers are a hand tool used to hold objects firmly, possibly developed from tongs used to handle..

  • SKU : RM0797
    IN STOCK (5)


  • SKU : RM0363
    IN STOCK (99)

    A nipper or tile nipper tool is like a pair of scissors or pliers used to "nip" or remove small amou..

  • SKU : RM0800
    IN STOCK (41)


  • SKU : RM1034
    IN STOCK (13)

    This is a two in one screwdriver tool, manual or powered, for screws. A typical simple screwdriver h..

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