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Signal Analyzer For Infrared Remote Control

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Signal Analyzer For Infrared Remote Control

The board receives IR signals from existing remote controls and displays the waveform on PC through USB interface. It is powered from USB itself and uses inbuilt windows driver. PC software can show complete capture signal or you can zoom to particular signal area of interest. The captured information can be used to view, recognize or reproduce the signal.

Anyone ever tried to decode an IR remote would know how difficult it is to create programming to decode the signal without accurately measuring signal length. During our development work, we came across many remote controls of different kinds and all kind of formats from our customers, so we developed a solution which can easily capture the remote control signals without the need to open it or destroy it. After we got the accurate data from remote controls, we used that information to identify the type of remotes and make decoder program. We also used this information to create encoders ICs for IR remote controls.

Software to decode


  • The board is designed with high-speed USB micro-controller and high accurate measuring in micro second resolution.
  • Receive the signals directly from the remote controller, no need to destroy or open the remote controller when testing.
  • The intact waveform can be showed clearly and steadily on PC; most of the oscilloscope doesn’t show this way.
  • It can test the width of pulse, the length of code, Number of bits, lead code, system code, key code, repeat code, etc
  • Support 35 to 41KHz signals carriers remotes from all are between this frequency.
  • Uses inbuilt windows USB drivers so no need to install or troubleshoot external drivers. Appears to windows as HID input device.
  • The program run under Windows XP or Windows 7(32 & 64 bit OS), the interface is functional, friendly & easy to use.
  • Supports any waveform Zoom in, Zoom out & bit number indicator.
  • Get time between any two points.
  • Receive correctly the commands from TV, VCR, VCD, DVD, AC remote controllers, or any.

Example of NEC type remote decoding


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