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Silver-lit I/R Space Phoenix, Multi Color (3 Ch)

Pre-Order (Delivered in 20-30 days)
Product Code: RM2619

Pre-Order (Delivered in 20-30 days)


Silver-lit I/R Space Phoenix, Multi Color (3 Ch)

Silverlit introduces a sensational space phoenix that is made from three channel infrared vertical planes that takes off from the ground. The planes depict an important advancement in indoor flying, the toy has two dominant main rotors that are horizontal and can be easily lifted, it takes off beautifully like a helicopter. There is a tiny horizontal tail rotor that controls the backward and forward movements of the toy with utmost efficiency. The toy is made from metal and plastic that are safe for your child. It is combined with a pair of thrust deflectors that are vertical and that are meticulously designed to rotate the toy in any direction for accurate steering.

The Silverlit I/R Space Phoenix is steady and fun to play with and it can be flown easily indoors in a normal to large size room.  This surprisingly stylish object, the space phoenix, is tough and made of light, flexible foam and it features a red LED strobe flash light. The Silverlit I/R Space Phoenix toy is suitable for both starters and experts. You can steer the model by moving the joystick in either way, while you are operating the throttle to take off, fly and land successfully.

The I/R Space Phoenix has a dynamic lithium polymer battery in-built that will make it fly for up to ten minutes. The packaging comprises a fully assembled, ready-to-fly spaceship, a pre-installed three channel proportional wide beam infrared control system, a flight manual and two tail rotors. The Silverlit is available for bands A, B or C and varies in colour and frequency and it requires 6 x AA alkaline batteries for uninterrupted flying.

  • 3 Channel super wide infrared control
  • Special propeller system for auto stable technology
  • Precision speed control and excellent flying stability
  • Preselected tri-band system
  • Range: 12 meters
  • Product has no camera


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