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SN65HVD230 CAN Board Network Transceiver Evaluation Development Module Kit

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SN65HVD230 CAN Board Network Transceiver Evaluation Development Module Kit

The SN65HVD230 CAN Board is an accessory board features an onboard CAN transceiver SN65HVD230, which is pinout compatible with PCA82C250. It is powered from 3.3V and features ESD protection. The SN65HVD230 CAN Board is ideal for connecting microcontroller to the CAN network.

SN65HVD230 can be used under high interference environment. The device has the ability to send and receive good at different rates, and its main features are as follows:

  • Fully compatible with ISO11898 standard;
  • High input impedance, allowing 120 nodes;
  • Low current standby mode, the typical current of 370μA;
  • Signal transfer rate up to 1Mb / s;
  • Thermal protection, open circuit failure protection function;
  • With anti-instantaneous interference protection bus;
  • Slope control, reduce radio frequency interference (RFI);
  • Differential receiver with a wide range of anti-common-mode interference, electromagnetic interference (EMI) capabilities.

Operating modes and control logic:

SN65HVD230 high speed, slope and wait three different modes of operation. Its working mode control can be achieved by the control pin. CAN controller can be connected to the output pin Tx SN65HVD230 data input terminal D, this data can be transferred to the CAN node sends CAN network; CAN controller and receive pins of Rx and SN65HVD230 R is connected to the data output terminal, for receiving data. Select the port SN65HVD230 way via jumpers and end of the ground slope resistor can be achieved through hardware mode select three modes of operation, in which the slope is 0 ~ 100kΩ resistor potentiometer.


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