Soldering Iron Element - 25 Watt

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Soldering Iron Element - 25 Watt

Most soldering irons for electronics have interchangeable tips, also known as bits, that vary in size and shape for different types of work. Pyramid tips with a triangular flat face and chisel tips with a wide flat face are useful for soldering sheet metal. Fine conical or tapered chisel tips are typically used for electronics work. Tips may be straight or have a bend.


1. Technically advanced cartridge type heating element.
2. Quick in attaining working temperature.
3. Constant tip temperature.
4. Specially coated long life soldering bits.
5. Comes with different shapes.
6. Applicable for wide range of soldering applications.
7. ERTL certified.


1. Do not file bits as it will destroy long life coating.
2. Never ON the supply when bit is removal from the element shaft, it will damage the element by over heating.


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