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Stainless Thin Conductive Yarn / Thick Conductive Thread - 30 ft

15-20 Days
Product Code: RM3361

15-20 Days


Stainless Thin Conductive Yarn / Thick Conductive Thread - 30 ft

This 316L stainless steel thread falls somewhere between a thick thread and a thin yarn. Most sewing machines wouldn't be happy with this thread since its thick, and it has the 'furry' soft feel of yarn which makes it poor for most e-textiles/wearables projects. However, the high conductivity and softness make it a great thread for making iPhone gloves!

Sew a couple inches into the pad of your gloves to keep your hands toasty while you use your iPhone, iPad or any other device with a 'capacitive' touch screen. Because capacitive sensors sense your finger through conductivity, not pressure, they don't work when you wear your gloves - they act as insulators. Just follow Becky Stern's awesome tutorial and in 10 minutes flat you will have upgraded winter wear


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