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Video + Stereo 3 RCA Audio Cable Connector

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Video + Stereo 3 RCA Audio Cable Connector

The Stereo/VCR RCA Cable features 2 RCA Audio connectors and a RCA RG59 Video connector, all of which are Gold Plated. This cable has a larger video cable used for higher quality video transfer. RCA cables connect video components together. RCA is a type of coax connector used for attaching audio and video devices, such as stereo equipment or a composite video monitor. The RCA coax cable provides economical, plug-in coaxial connections for audio and component video applications.

Features of Video + Stereo 3 RCA Cable:

  • Easy of interfacing.
  • High reliability.
  • Less power loss.

Applications ofVideo + Stereo 3 RCA Cable

  • VCR player.
  • CD player.
  • DVD player

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