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Temperature Sensors Module for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

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Temperature Sensors Module for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

The Temperature Sensors Module is based on the semiconductor LM35 temperature sensor. The Temperature Sensor Module can be used to detect ambient air temperature. This sensor is produced by National Semiconductor Corporation and offers a functional range between 0 degree Celsius to 100 degree Celsius. Sensitivity is 10mV per degree Celsius. The output voltage is proportional to the temperature.

Features of Temperature Sensors :

  • Supports plug and play.
  • Be able to control the buzzer sounds or MID music.
  • Be able to achieve the control of an interactive sound and light works.
  • Pin Definitions: (1) Output (2) VCC (3) GND.
  • Power Supply: 5V.

Applications of Temperature Sensors:

  • It is widely used on your daily appliances, Like PC, Fridge, rotor, Phones and so on.
  • It is used in Robotics.
  • It is used in 8051/AVR/ARM/PIC/Arduino/Raspberry-pi projects.

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