We have introduced most of the products but still we have few which require a different category. These products description is very easily handled and used for various applications products that come under this category are ferric chloride etching solution, copper PCB, heat sink big size, torch bulb holder, bench vice tool, digital dc power supply, fevi quick bond, hack saw, glue gun, magnifying glass lamp, multi meter test leads/ probe cables and zip tie pack

Well, these tools are used by electronic students and learners who wish to start their career in electronics. Hack saw types are used for cutting steel and various other metals. Besides this, plastic can be cut with ease. Its high responsibility of cutting makes it an essential tool. Its cost is little high and has increased gradually. 

Online tool Prices in India for dc power supply, bench vice, power hacksaws have increased gradually but at our stores, we offer discounts for tool kits and make them affordable for our customers.

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