In robotics, tapes are well suited for various purposes especially in projects formation. Line follower tape is used in those projects which sense black and follow black line by applying programming and sensors. Electric insulation tapes are also available that create insulation to the circuitry functions. 

There is a hub of online tape suppliers in India which are connected all over India at affordable prices. 

Tapes are also used for bounding certain functions that create a certain sense of mode for various functions in robots. Robot line follower is the famous project created through students and learners. We cater black tapes, insulation tapes and double side tape for various joints. 

Buy double sided, insulation, black online tape in India and contribute to the development of technical devices.

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    Black Line follower Tapes are designed to be ultra-comfortable easily stretched, and extremely moist..

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    Double-sided tape is any pressure sensitive tape that is coated with adhesive on both sides. It is d..

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    Electrical tape (or insulating tape) is a type of pressure sensitive tape used to insulate electri..

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    Black Line follower Tapes are designed to be ultra-conformable easily stretched, and extremely moist..

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