Transformers can be seen in commercial, industrial and domestic sites. We deal with Step down transformer 6 volt, 12v Transformer, 12 volt Transformer, 6v Transformer 500mA, 12 volt Transformer 750 mA and 05A, 12v 2amp Transformer, 9v Transformer 750mA and 500mA. All of these are very easily accessible online through various websites. Transformers are used in electronic projects for powering the circuit.

Transformer is a device which transfers electrical energy i.e. power from one voltage level to another voltage level. It's a static device and transfer takes place through magnetic field. Transformers are composed of a soft iron coil. The other two coils are wounded around it, but not connected with one another. Transformers are categorized into two types one is step up transformer and another is step down transformer. In step down transformer, the secondary winding is less than the primary windings. This depicts that in transformers, secondary voltage is less than the primary voltage.
Step down transformers transfers electricity to our houses where they are compatible to electronic appliances in our homes. Our homes receive 240 volts which are compatible and carried through the meters in proper amount. Electricity powers lights, garage door, washer and dryer, television, iPod, heater, air conditioner, computer and many more items.
Step down transformers online cost in India is very reasonable and is engaged to remote areas very easily. Nowadays, step down transformers are utilized in abundance by industries, commercial sectors and most importantly in domestic sector.

Transformers are also used for minimizing energy losses due to voltage drop in transmitting electricity over extended distances. They also help in coupling signals over electronic stages. For maximum power transfer, transformers match loads with internal resistors.

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