For electronic industry transistors play an important role for integrated circuit architecture and composition. We have huge inventory of electronic circuits and components that completes a circuit and its functioning. We cater general purpose transistors, Mosfet and power transistors as a switch according to your project requirements.
Transistors replaced vacuum tubes and came into existence in 1947.vacuum tubes were best used as electronic signal regulator. Transistors are defined as semiconductor devices used to amplify and switch electronic signals as well as electrical power. Transistor is composed of semi conductor material such as germanium and silicon and has three terminals such as collector, base and emitter which are connected to the PCB at the time of connections when required. Transistor basics depict, Base terminal is responsible for activating the transistor, collector is the positive lead and emitter is the negative lead. A transistor regulates the flow of current or voltage and acts as switch or gate for electronic signals.

Transistor when used as an amplifier:
Amplifier strengthens the signal and results in increased output. Transistor as an amplifier (Transistor as a switch) works taking small electric current at one end thus producing larger electric current at the output. These are widely used in loudspeakers and digital devices.

Transistor when used as a switch:
Transistor as a switch implies that when a small amount of current signal is passed through the circuit a large amount of current is produced at the output. These are widely used in televisions, mobile phones, radio transmission, sound reproduction and sound processing.
They are various other types of transistors such as Mosfet transistors and Power transistors which are often used in electronics hardware. Mosfet stands for metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor used for amplifying or switching electronic signals. Its advantage is that it requires very less current to turn on while delivering a much bigger current to a load. Power transistors are those which are used as a switch or rectifier in power electronics. These transistors are composed of semi conductor materials which are often used as an integrated circuit.

There are also few general purpose transistors that are widely used such as transistors as a switchwhich can be seen for amplifying and switching. Another famous transistor is a standard type of NPN bipolar junction transistor used for medium power amplifications. In all, transistors are used in all electronic devices for better amplification.

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