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TSOP IR Obstacle Sensor V2 for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

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TSOP IR Obstacle Sensor V2 for Arduino/Raspberry-Pi/Robotics

TSOP IR Obstacle Sensor V2 consists of a TSOP as a receiver and IR LED as a transmitter. TSOP as a receiver provides flexibility of sensing light. The sensor is perfectly suited for Detecting obstacle within line of sight. The Control Circuit Applied for the sensor is based on LM555 Timer IC working. The Analog signal generated from the TSOP is processed by an Inverting Amplifier and then fed to the Timer IC and we get a Digital Output at the output Pin. The Digital output makes it a good device to interface with any device compatible with Digital Signal.

Applications of TSOP IR Obstacle Sensor V2

  • Obstacle detection robot.
  • Edge avoider robot.
  • DIY projects requiring distance and obstacle avoidance


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