Weather Sensors

Weather Sensors

 DHT22 Digital Temperature And Humidity SensorGrove Humidity And Temperature SensorsHumidity SensorRaindrops Detection Sensor Module.

Weather sensor as detected from its name suggests sensing climatic conditions in the atmosphere. This sensor detects wind speed and direction, humidity, solar radiation, monitor barometric pressure and temperature.

Talking about its features, it can monitor alarm and report accordingly. These sensors are of high quality and raise a standard of 25 inch. We have many weather sensors which include barometric pressure sensor, solar radiation sensor, wind speed sensor, humidity sensor, temperature sensor, surface temperature sensor, wind direction sensor and solar shield sensor. They cost reasonable and are durable for long term. In robotics, these sensors are very beneficial and record the accurate temperature changes at a fast pace.

It is catered easily in kits along with other parts and sensors which can be easily assembled within no time. Its DIY kit is very beneficial for learners who wish to work all by ownself.

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