WIFI Modules

WIFI Modules

Wi-Fi modules offer easy hassle free and speedy, solution for developing IOT devices. Bringing the capability of Wireless communication over the robust and secure IEEE 802.11 b/g/n standard without having to worry about the TCP/IP stack as these are built into the module and ready to use module via AT commands. We have few Wi-Fi modules at our store which include esp8266 Wi-Fi module, nrf24l01 wireless data transmission module, cc2530 and cc2591 wireless transceiver module, esp-07, esp-12, esp-13 Wi-Fi module, ts351 and rc805 transmitter.

Whereas Embedded Wi-Fi modules when connected to pc gain some applications in network such as home monitoring, sensor networks, home entertainment control and smart energy. These wireless devices have various Wi-Fi antennas such as 2.4 waterproof dipole antenna; flex antenna, ethertronics antenna, and ceramic dual b and chip antennas. 

Wireless ps2 controllers have evolved with the play station video games and many entertainment applications. Besides this, controllers, audio, video devices are being used for better reception sound and quality. 

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