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Wireless PS2 Controller

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Wireless PS2 Controller

This Wireless PS2 Controller features all of the inputs found the standard Dual-shock 2 controller, i.e. ten analog (pressure-sensitive) buttons three digital button (L3, R3 and the analog mode button) and two analog sticks. As its buttons are pressure-sensitive, the controller is compatible with games which require a Dual-shock 2. The controller also features two vibration motors for haptic feedback, which are compatible with Dual-shock/Dual-shock 2 enabled games. As a power saving measure, the vibration may be turned on or off by the user by way of a button on the controller's face.

Features of Wireless PS2 Controller:

  • Wireless controller for PS2 is designed for the gamer who demands only the best in wireless gaming technology.
  • High-performance - 2.4GHz wireless analog controller.
  • Full analog/digital action buttons and twin analog control sticks of PS2 controllers.
  • High intensity vibration feedback.
  • 2 built-in motors make the game more realistic.
  • The receiver with activity light indicator is compatible with controller pad.
  • Operate by 2 x AAA (LR03) batteries(Battery not included) - auto battery saving function.
  • Up to 10m operational range.
  • Turbo fire function.

Applications of Wireless PS2 Controller:

  • Open wireless receiver, solder with 7 DuPont line according to the order of the picture showed.
  • Connect 7 DuPont line with the main board according to the order shown.
  • Set up all buttons’ instructions of PS2 controller via computer software.

Note: Images shown is only for representation. The actual product may vary with the picture shown.

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Note : Images shown is only for representation. The actual product may vary with the picture shown.
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