Bluetooth Modules

Bluetooth Modules
Bluetooth modules we cater are manufactured best in quality and the suppliers engage to all parts in India. Wireless devices we deal with are high quality and best in the market. We introduced many robotic products and still in the race with technology. Our motto is to bring the best technology and share with learners for better industrial and economical development in the country. 
Bluetooth modules in a robot are easily fitted to microcontrollers through rs232 serial interface or UART transmitter receiver pins. Nowadays, microcontroller Bluetooth modules already have built in serial interface, so just need to attach Bluetooth module to microcontroller. Moreover, they have reasonable charges and carry week signal as compared to Wi-Fi. 
Robot is composed of microcontroller, various sensors, LEDs, LCD and motors with lot of programming which are shared with laptops and personal computers with the help of wireless Bluetooth module. We deal with arduino Bluetooth module which is applicable for wireless serial communication with computers, phone and other Bluetooth devices. It has microcontroller Atmel328 with 32 KB flash memory. 
We have few products at our stores that imply wireless modules and carry high specific functions. These products include HC-05 Bluetooth module, HC-06 Bluetooth module and HC-07 Bluetooth module.

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