RF Module and Anteena

RF Module and Anteena

RF module is basically an electronic device which helps in transferring and receiving of radio signals. These wireless modules help in our domestic purposes including news programs, entertainment channels broadcasting. Wireless modules consist of wireless antennas with RF transmitters and receivers end. 

It’s used in wide range of applications that include wireless home security systems, wireless fire protection system, robot remote control, digital video, audio transmission, industrial remote control, mobile web server and many more. 

Whereas, in robotics, RF works over an adequate range i.e. up to 200 meters.  We deal with few products that carry telescopic antennas of various values. Telescopic antennas are applicable for portable scanners and walkie talkies. 

We have few products that you’ll come across in our sub categories. These products include wireless module datasheets along with the wireless parts and accessories.

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